rise, legens!

DOUBLEBEAST - what are we? Great question. DOUBLEBEAST is a potentially make-believe company that makes make-believe stuff feel potentially real. We also make games. Well, more accurately, we are working on making a game. We do have lots of plans for other games though...

In the beginning, there was none. Hopefully soonish, to begin with, there will be... legens. Yes, that is the name of the game we are making. Yes, I know it sounds and looks wierd. It's supposed to. The game itself is pretty weird.

legens is a text-based adventure game. It is written in the worst possible but still mostly readable english we could force ourselves to come up with. It looks like it is drawn by five year olds. Disclaimer: We are not five.

You may be thinking, wait, I thought this game was text based. Why does it have drawings? Well, the graphic artist on the team needed something to do other than one day possibly finishing the logo. Kidding, mostly. The graphics were part of the plan from the start. All the interaction is through text, all the descriptions are through text. You could play the entire game without looking at the graphics - and we wouldn't blame you for wanting to do so. But - we threw the drawings in there to, shall we say, enhance the experience.

To make this as obtuse as possible, the game is being created in Unity. Yes, the game engine famous for its easy to make 3D graphics. We are making a text-based game in it. Why? Well, two reasons. One, we hate ourselves. Two, we will probably make (or at least start) other games in Unity, so starting there in the frist place seemed like a good idea at the time. Three, it's actually surprisingly easy to make a text-based game in Unity. That last one was a bonus reason.

We can't talk about an upcoming game without showing some concept art and pre-alpha builds. So, here's the good stuff.

A surgeon is threatening your jugular with a small bladed instrument.

A goatman is not impressed with your bostaff skills.

A very pre-alpha build with some placeholder graphics that look way better than what the real graphics will be.